Orders From Australian Customers have been Shipped

(2020-07-16 15:06:25)

After intensive production, we finally completed the orders of Australian customers within the agreed time. Workers from Zhongwen Paper Co., Ltd. put the batch of thermal paper on the vehicle for customs. Everyone looked at the far away car, their faces full of joy.

This batch of thermal paper is provided for major supermarkets in Australia. This is not the first time we have cooperated with this customer. His repeated buybacks have made us more confident in our products. Customer feedback: Your company's thermal paper prints clearly, no paper jam, low carbon can be decomposed, very suitable for the Australian market, I hope our cooperation can last for a long time. This is also the wish of all employees of Zhongwen Paper.

Zhongwen insists on producing high-quality thermal paper at a favorable price, and none of the people who have used it are much appreciated. Our paper is professionally designed and processed, which is more suitable for industries that require thermal paper, such as supermarkets and banks. Looking forward to your consultation!


Our Advantage

  • We have 10 years of experience in overseas supply, with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons and a wide range of products.

  • Our products Export to more than 50+ countries, Annual sales performance USD 5,000,000

  • Our product uses high-quality raw wood pulp as raw materials, and the paper is clean, smooth and tough, which can effectively reduce the consumption of printing equipment.

  • Manufacturer's delivery, high quality price, sufficient supply, is your trusted supplier.

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