The Packaged Thermal Paper will be Shipped to South Africa

(2020-07-24 11:29:04)

Through the efforts of all employees of Zhongwen, we completed the orders from South African customers one week in advance, and packaged them for shipment. This batch of thermal paper is made of wood pulp in strict accordance with the customer's production standards. Through environmentally friendly and harmless processing, the surface of the paper is smooth and clean, and it is convenient to print various bills and express orders. Easy to decompose, good quality, no harm to the environment.


This customer was introduced by a friend. After a detailed understanding, he decisively chose to cooperate with us. This is his trust in Zhongwen's production capacity and factory strength. We are very grateful to this customer for giving us the opportunity to showcase our products in the South African thermal paper market. I hope we can establish a beautiful friendship through many cooperations and use our best products to help him build his own world in South Africa!


Our Advantage

  • We have 10 years of experience in overseas supply, with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons and a wide range of products.

  • Our products Export to more than 50+ countries, Annual sales performance USD 5,000,000

  • Our product uses high-quality raw wood pulp as raw materials, and the paper is clean, smooth and tough, which can effectively reduce the consumption of printing equipment.

  • Manufacturer's delivery, high quality price, sufficient supply, is your trusted supplier.

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