What are the uses of thermal paper?

(2020-07-30 11:19:28)

The emergence of thermal paper has brought convenience to our lives. Common thermal papers include takeaway thermal paper, express thermal paper, and thermal cash register paper. In addition to these applications, thermal paper is used in other fields. There are also applications. Next, Zhongwen will take everyone to learn about thermal paper.


Thermal paper has developed rapidly with the popularity of fax machines all over the world. However, due to the development of electronic communications, thermal paper is not only popularized in personal households in the form of fax paper, but also in businesses, supermarkets, banks, Hospitals, airports and other fields. Its use is becoming more and more extensive, the variety is increasing day by day, the scope of application is getting wider and wider. Currently, the main application areas are as follows:



(1) Thermal paper for fax machine


Mainly used for various types of thermal paper fax machines. There are commercial use, but also home use. At present, thermal paper machines of this kind account for about half of the total output, which is the main direction of thermal paper from the late 1980s to the present. The quality goal is to pursue high speed of fax recording, high density of lines (blackness) and preservation after recording. For example, in terms of recording speed, it has developed from G2 type to G3 or even G4 type, and it can reach a high-speed fax of about 15S per sheet of A4 size paper.


(2) Thermal paper for printing and terminal recording


In order to meet the needs of various new terminal recording equipment, different varieties have been developed, which can be widely used for printing records of word processors, medical testing and industrial testing, and computer-aided design Printing with production (can be referred to as CAD/CMA), counters, automatic cash payment machines (ATM/CD), portable terminal printers, etc., receipt records for highways, taxis, etc.


(3) Thermal paper for labels and receipts


The new products of thermal paper in recent years have been extended to the label field, and the development is fast. It is a combination of thermal paper and self-adhesive label. Apply a sticker on the back of the thermal paper and compound it on the release paper for labels to be printed.


Judging from the sales and supply situation in recent years, the general trend is that the first category gradually decreases, while the second and third categories gradually rise.


The above is the introduction of thermal paper. Zhongwen Paper has been producing thermal paper for more than ten years and has very rich production experience, and its products are sold at home and abroad. If you have requirements, please contact us.


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