Loading in the night, the thermal paper required by the customer will be delivered soon

(2020-08-07 14:45:18)


This batch of thermal paper was an order from a South African customer last month. After days of rushing to work, Zhongwen workers finally completed the production task within the agreed time. After professional testing, we sent specific quality inspection results to the customer, and the customer was very satisfied.


These thermal papers are mainly used for printing bank receipts, so the quality requirements are relatively high. Zhongwen provides customers with very favorable prices under the conditions of ensuring that these thermal papers are not jammed, yellowed, and printed clearly. Customer evaluation said: Zhongwen will be a very competitive thermal paper manufacturer in the international market. At the same time, he will maintain long-term cooperation with us.


Through the communication with this customer, we learned that there is a huge demand for thermal paper in the South African market. This will be an opportunity for us, but also a very big challenge. We will continue to work hard to produce better products to meet different markets.


Our Advantage

  • We have 10 years of experience in overseas supply, with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons and a wide range of products.

  • Our products Export to more than 50+ countries, Annual sales performance USD 5,000,000

  • Our product uses high-quality raw wood pulp as raw materials, and the paper is clean, smooth and tough, which can effectively reduce the consumption of printing equipment.

  • Manufacturer's delivery, high quality price, sufficient supply, is your trusted supplier.

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