Learn About Different Thermal Printing Papers

(2020-08-20 15:31:54)

Thermal label paper is a paper material treated with a high thermal sensitivity thermal coating. When printing with a thermal transfer barcode printer, it does not need to be matched with a ribbon, which is economical. Thermal label paper is divided into one-proof Thermal material and three-proof Thermal materials. Zhongwen Paper will let you know more about the difference:


One-proof Thermal Paper material refers to: The surface is white and clean, the printing is clear, it can only be simply waterproofed, and the storage time is relatively short, generally only about half a year. It can meet the needs of general retail, barcode printing, logistics and transportation.

Three-proof Thermal Paper material refers to: Hot-melt adhesive is used, which has better initial viscosity, and can be applied to some labeling base surfaces with uneven surfaces. The storage time is longer than two years. It is the first choice for most logistics industries. It has excellent performance during transportation. Scratch resistance, alcohol, gasoline, packaging tape and other properties. So which three defenses refers to:


1. Waterproof


The waterproof here does not mean soaking in water, but simple and minimal waterproofing. After all, this is paper and cannot be soaked for a long time.


2. Anti-oil


Due to the different use environment, there is a small amount of oil stains on the base surface of the label.


3. Anti-scratch


The film on the three-proof thermal paper is a chemical substance, the scientific name is polyvinyl chloride. The simpler is the transparent and elastic film on the cooked food products in the supermarket, or the plastic wrap used in the household microwave oven.


The three-proof thermal paper also has: high-quality base paper, no dust powder, smooth cut, smooth printing, and clear printing; high-precision equipment, UV ink, beautiful printing, clear environmental protection; to ensure that the black mark printing color is full, and the machine recognition rate is 100% Features.


Zhongwen Paper produces many types of thermal paper, which can be customized according to your needs, with rich production experience and international shipping of products. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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