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Special printing paper for office use is classified according to the size and number of layers of the paper, such as 241-1, 241-2, which respectively represent 1 and 2 layers of narrow-line printing paper, and of course there are 3 layers and 4 layers. ; Commonly used wide-line printing paper and 381-1, 381-2 and so on. For example: 241-2 refers to carbonless printing paper (also called pressure sensitive paper). Can only print on a stylus printer. 241 stands for: 9.5 inches, which is the width of the paper. This type of paper is also called 80-column printing paper, that is to say, the normal font has 80 characters in one line. The main uses of these papers are: outbound/inbound orders, reports, receipts. Applicable to: banks, hospitals, etc.


Carbonless printing paper, also known as pressure sensitive printing paper, is composed of top paper (CB), middle paper (CFB) and bottom paper (CF). It uses the principle of chemical reaction between the color developing agent of the microcapsule and the acid clay in the color developing agent layer. During printing, the printing needle presses the paper surface to achieve the color development effect. The common and commonly used color layers are 2 to 6 layers.


When purchasing carbonless printing paper, pay attention to whether the outer packaging of the paper is damaged (if the outer packaging is damaged or deformed, it may cause the paper inside to develop color). Open the outer package and check whether the inner package has a certificate, whether the paper is damp, whether it is wrinkled, whether the color can meet the requirements you want (usually tear off a copy and write a few words on it in normal writing, Then look at the color rendering of the last layer). Confirm whether the specifications of the printing paper are what you need to avoid unnecessary waste and trouble.


The specifications of commonly used carbonless printing paper are 80 columns or 132 columns, as well as special specifications (width, length, horizontal equal parts, vertical equal parts, etc.). The most commonly used is 80 columns, and the size is: 9.5 inches X 11 inches (with holes on both sides, 22 holes on each side, and 0.5 inches between the holes) approximately equal to 241 mm X 279 mm. 80 columns of paper are usually divided into three specifications:

1: Full page (9.5 inches X 11 inches).

2: One half (9.5 inches X 11/2 inches).

3: One third (9.5 inches X 11/3 inches).



After opening the box, please pay attention to it. If it is not used for a long time, it should be put in the original packaging plastic bag to prevent moisture and damage. If it is carbonless copy type printing paper, be careful not to be squeezed by sharp objects or external forces to avoid display Color, etc., affect the use. Before using the product, confirm the position of the printer. When printing in multiple layers, try not to use high-speed printing to ensure the clarity of printed writing. Note that the documents should be stored separately, if they must be stored together, avoid squeezing. It should be protected from light, water, oil, acid and alkali. As long as in the right environment, carbon-free printing paper can be stored for at least 15 years. If there is a paper jam during printing, check whether the position of the printing paper is appropriate, whether it is aligned with the tractor, and whether the print head has selected a position suitable for the number of paper layers.


receipt printer or flat push printer, etc. are most suitable for the use of multi-link carbonless printing paper products. These printers are designed so that the printing paper is not bent in the machine, the printing paper is flat, and the printing force is also greater.


Carbonless paper does not show color or is unclear (except for the quality of base paper), how to solve it?


(1) no color development may be caused by loading the printing paper upside down, just reload the paper.

(2) The cause of the unclear color may be insufficient printer pressure or broken needles in the print head. You can increase the printing strength to check whether there are broken needles.

(3) Color development is a chemical process, which is greatly affected by the environmental temperature, especially in winter when the temperature is low, the chemical reaction activity is slow, and the clear handwriting cannot be seen immediately after printing, which is a normal phenomenon.


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